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E-mails can be sent to:

Please include a link to any music you have online.  We cannot reply to every single email that we receive but we will definitely get back to you if we are interested in booking your band.

Press kits are appreciated and can be sent to the address below.

Please allow two weeks before calling to follow up. Thank You.

The Trash Bar

Attn: Booking

302 Bedford Ave. P.M.B. # 166

Brooklyn, NY 11211



Please do not post fliers or posters on any city property or any other illegal locations.  Stick with legitimate places of public advertising.    Online promotion is of course encouraged, on our sites, your sites, social networking sites, etc.  Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.



* If you have any technical questions about our backline, you can email our Production Manager (Owen) at:


DRUMS: (what the club has)

Five Piece Pearl Vision Drum Kit

22×18 Kick Drum

12×10 Rack Tom (optional)

13×12 Rack Tom

16×16 Floor Tom

BANDS ARE REQUIRED TO USE THE HOUSE DRUM KIT UNLESS PREVIOUSLY DISCUSSED WITH THE PRODUCTION MANAGER. Drummers need to bring: hardware (cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, seat stand, snare stand), cymbals, snare, pedal, and seat.


GUITAR & BASS: (what the bar has)

Two 4×12 Guitar Cabinets (4,8, or 16 ohm) – Marshall w/Celestions and Marshall 1960b with EV’s

One Marshall JCM 800 Bass Cabinet – Two 10” and one 15” Speakers

Guitar players and bass players need to bring their own heads/amps. Combination amps are okay but please do not bring your own cabinets, we do not have room to store them.

Currently we  have a b52 guitar head, an SVT bass head, and a Peavey keyboard combo amp that can be used for keys and/or bass.  These are backup amps that we can loan you if you are unable to bring your own amps or heads.


MICS: (what the bar has)

Four Shure SM 58

Three Shure SM 57

One Shure Beta 52 (Kick Drum)

One AKG D-112 (Bass)

Two Sennheiser Tom Mics


SOUND BOARD: (what the bar has)

Allen & Heath GL 2400 – 24 Channel


MONITORS: (what the bar has)

Four Way Mix

Three Turbosound TDM – 12

One JBL Drum Monitor



3 Direct 1/4″ Inputs are available for acoustic guitars, keyboards, laptops, samplers, etc. Additional inputs can be arranged in some cases. Please inform the sound engineer on duty about any DI needs upon arrival to the club.


For bands wishing to use their own sound engineer: In very rare cases we permit non-staff to mix bands, but this must be approved by the production manager prior to your show date. Our house engineers have a strong reputation for great sounding mixes and will work hard for you. Feel free to discuss your band’s needs with the sound engineer on duty prior to your performance. They are always available to help you and are committed to giving you a great mix.

If your band is looking to bring in extraneous amounts of additional gear/crew, you need to properly advance the show with our production manager, who can be reached at this email address:   Also our house sound-engineer must be present for setup and breakdown of your equipment.  If you have an extensive setup that requires our sound engineer to come in early and/or stay late, you will need to make arrangements to compensate him for the extra time.


• Promo materials should be sent to: The Trash Bar, 302 Bedford Ave. P.M.B. # 166, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Do not send more then 6 or 8 posters, we don’t have a lot of room to put them up and they’ll just get thrown away. WHEN SENDING POSTERS/FLYERS PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT THE SHOW INFO. IF YOU DON’T THEY WON’T BE PUT UP.

We recommend that bands load their gear in no later then 7 PM on the day of your show so that gear may be properly stowed and we can maximize floor space for your audience. If this proves an impossibility, please contact us in advance to make other arrangements.

For bands playing on a Sunday night:  NYC Vineyard has a weekly church service at the bar on Sunday evenings that begins at 6 PM and ends at 7:30 PM. Bands are welcome to attend the service but we ask that you wait to load your gear in until 8 PM


The Trash Bar offers professional soundboard recordings, burned to CD, for $20, by request. Please ask the in-house sound engineer to set this up before your show, otherwise it will not be recorded.  Bands are allowed to bring other recording equipment (video, audio) to tape their own set.  If bands wish to get a feed off the board when using their own equipment, the cost is $20, and bands need to bring 1/4″ cables to plug into the board.

Multi-track your next set at Trash Bar!  We now offer the option to record your entire set to Pro Tools for $100.  We have the capability to record up to 16 channels simultaneously.  This gives you 16 channels of independent, mixable audio.  You can take the Pro Tools session day of by burning a DVD, and copying data to an SD card or external hard drive.  Or you can have us mix it at an additional fee.

For gear list click here and look under the “Live Recording” section.  To make arrangements to multi-track your next Trash show, or to ask any questions, feel free to email: